May. 12, 2014


A "Tic" is a sudden, repetitive, non-rhythmic motor movement....."Much or many" is often used to describe the word "poly".  Put the two words together, Poly-Tics, and we have the basic way that congress functions in Washington. A dis-jointed system of many uncoordinated movements between two political adversaries. The big question is, who is to blame ? Obviously the answer is the voting public.  Most of the "greatest" and the "baby boomer" generations have watched the changes in our country with increasing concern.  Many from those generations have also developed a desire to be involved while the younger generations feel that politics really don't affect them and besides, what can they do to change it ? Unfortunately, those in the 50-80 age range often lack the energy to undertake the rigors of a political campaign and the younger set lack the finances and/or time to get involved. Neither response changes or improves the situation we now find ourselves in, that is a government controlled by Poly-Tics. One answer becomes most apparent. Return our system of government to it's roots, that being a government run by peers, not career politicians that often forget their "roots" in the business world (although for many career politicians, including our current elected President, those roots never existed). Government "by the people" requires that those elected really be "one of the people", one that returns to their roots and real job after serving their country as an elected official.  This can only be accomplished by refusing to return to office ANY politician that has been in place more than 2-3 terms. Those politicians should be encouraged to "groom" a succesor if they wish to promote their philosphy and the voting public should demand this through their votes.