Oct. 23, 2014

..and more politics

Has our political system now reached an impasse?  Mass media is a wonderful thing for disseminating information, but when a somewhat gullible public is given varying degrees of one-sided, misinformation, then one has to realize that the media itself has become little more than a propaganda machine and that the political machines use that to their advantage. Conservatives decry the evils of the Obamacare form of healthcare delivery without coming up with a workable solution to this ongoing crisis. Liberals decry everything about a capitalistic system that keeps everyone from being financially equal. Both of these facts can be distorted and then dissimenated in a way where a civil discussion about the merits of either position stand little chance of being heard. Why does the American public allow itself to be duped ?  For one thing, we have become lazy as a nation and want someone else to come up with answers, want someone else to "foot the bill", or want someone else to take responsibilty.  That way, politics will not interfere with "free time" to go play ! Kinda sounds like what we all did as children.  The worst of these scenarios is how the democratic party has duped certain ethic groups into believing that the party of democracy and equality has their best interests at heart.  One only has to look at how the Ferguson Missouri situation is now being politicized to understand this. With a Democratic govenor, senator, President etc., the "plight" of those who elected these individuals of "hope and change", now complain that their lot in life remains unfair ! Yet they are likely to vote again for those same "do-nothing" politicians based solely on the emotion genearted by a TV ad.  Maybe it is time to stop listening to the one minute sound bites and political ads and listen to voices of reason.  Perhaps the passionate voices of a plolitical minister on Sunday morning is not the best way to understand how to escape the depths of poverty. Maybe participating in community forums would provide more insight than "Keeping up with the Kardashians !"