May. 13, 2014

terrorism or intense strict beliefs..

More acts of "terrorism" again make the world headlines.  Is it really terrorism as we define it, or is it an expression of the deeply held convictions of a religion that refuses to join the 21st century.  Religions, as with all other institutions influenced by the mind of man, should evolve and change with the times.  If a religion is so rigid as to deny the basic principles of human rights we all aspire to, nothing will change the mindset of those that adhere to and revere those principles. Such a religion has no room for reason, only the rigid rules that dictate the "believer's" life. Imagine a world where church doctrine regarding astronomy, mathematics and even the origin of the universe was the only accepted philosophy and anyone who questioned it was subject to incarceration...or worse. Our past is resplendent with just such occurrences even though it is downplayed in modern history texts.  Today, there is one major religion that continues to struggle with it's own intrepretation of the word of "God" as it relates to others.  Just as ancient tribal societies struggled to enter the 19th and 20th centuries, so do some contemporary tribes struggle with entering the 21st century. Can a Western culture of tolerance and religious evolution be forced upon those mired in religious antiquity ?  The answer is "no"....not unless mainstream followers of the religion, in this case Islam, are willing to accept, modify and adapt a more modern, tolerant form of Islam.  It will take a new, enlightened generation of Imams to accomplish this and, sad to say, that generation is not of age yet.  In the meantime, human rights violations, including slavery, will continue in the name of an individual religion's own "rights".