Nov. 19, 2014

what to do now..

As more information is exposed about how Obamacare (or the ACA) was developed and what was behind it's implementation, it is even more important to look at fixes for our broken health care system. As I outlined in a previous blog, solutions are available if we can just find someone to take the lead and present the options. We all look to the "experts" for answers, but situations like the John Gruber debacle should prove to us that the "experts" are not always right, and in fact, their opinions can often be misleading and deceptive, especially when they are motivated by behind the scene payments for their opinions. This gets back to another premise on whether the general public wants to be governed or ruled. Those who prefer being governed get involved, vote, and make suggestions to elected officials. If those officials don't (or won't) listen, they should be voted out of office. Those who prefer to be ruled, will choose the same "king" (or "duke" as their representative to the king) in order to maintain the status quo. When it comes to health care choices and delivery, the public has become used to the insurance company or doctor's office taking care of all the details.  Any health care proposal put forth in the future should return some of that responsibility to the patient. You want care? Here is the real cost in un-inflated dollars. You can choose to pay for it up front (or make financial arrangements) and your insurance company will re-imburse you within a specified (by law) amount of time. Those that cannot afford this type of delivery system are likely to be those eligible for a National Health Care Card as I have previously outlined. So here are my a voting member of society, what are yours??