Mar. 12, 2015


As the world slowly starts to understand the nature of fanatical terrorism in the name of a bastardized Islam, it becomes increasingly important for Islamic scholars to step forward with what the majority consider to be the root of their religion. It is most interesting that the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions all share a common belief in a singular deity, one God. All three believe in prophets and recognize the place these individuals played in forwarding their religion. The most interesting fact of all is that they share the same 'book', that being the first five books of the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah, and the Islamic Koran. The prophet Muhammad even states that "any believer of the Book is to be respected..." So where did the world go wrong in their nterpretation of the Book ? It's really quite simple. Man interjected his own interpretation and history of the Book with additional comments and stories, all used to enhance or explain the original five books. The strength of the developing religious groups were often tied to the charismatic nature of those promoting their individual versions. Who is ultimately right? Maybe none...maybe all....maybe God simply wants humans to recognize that their is one God leaving us free to choose our own path. To many, this will sound like heresy or a denial of ones chosen faith, however, an unwillingness to consider that each man,or prophet, might do or say whatever was necessary to promote their own beliefs in the name of their one God, is to deny the basic nature of man.