Oct. 9, 2020

the new fear- a virus

Fear has been used as a potent political tool for decades. With the increasing use of social media worldwide, it is now a real 'pandemic'. The year 2020 has brought new and wider applications of the fear tactics once used only in print, and even then edited somewhat unless the source was one of the Hollywood style sensational blurbs. Now we have taken the very politicized 24hr news service and added the specter of a hidden enemy, one that kills on contact. Mixing medicine and politics has never been a good idea, but now it has reached heights of hysteria with far-reaching, long term detrimental effects. Add to the 24hr news cycle social media and one has a true propaganda instrument of destruction that is worse than a bomb from an outside enemy as it destroys a society from within. We are now seeing the effects of this with complete ploarization of America (and other countries), as we struggle worldwide with social unrest and the far reaching problems of an illness still not fully understood. When a very few highly placed government employees ( doctors ) are allowed to dictate policy to a wide and diverse population without regard to the differences in social structure around the country, the seeds are being laid for an autocratic form of rule. The fear factor has propelled this while instituting a form of censorship for anyone that speaks out about the situation or even tries to present plausible solutions to asuage the fear. 

   The choice is ours.... live in fear or wake up to the reality of how fear can dictate policy. Choose to live life as a free individual enjoying the liberties established by our forefathers, or crawl into a cave and surface only when told and wearing a mask! This virus, which is our current biggest fear, is treatable and completely manageable with early intervention. Demand it....it truly is your right.